A Chef's Dream Come True


A Chef's Dream Come True

Meet Timothy Bell,  Farmshareto’s partner for fresh, buttery, dive harvested scallops. These delicacies are available in the GTA, only from Farmshareto.

Tim is a Sub Sea Forager in Garnish, NFLD with a strong belief in environmental  sustainability.  He started diving at 16 and now after 20 plus years of experience he currently heads up Iron Skull Diving, a family run enterprise.  Tim dives daily into the frigid water of the Atlantic Sea, off the south coast of Newfoundland to hand pick each scallop. They are then salt-water cleaned to ensure the sweetest flavour.

Unlike commercial scallop trawling there is no processing by size.   It is the hardest way to harvest a scallop, but it is the only way to ensure ecological renewability. Less than 1% of all domestic scallops are diver caught. You can now be part of the 1 %. 

Farmshareto is the exclusive distributor in Ontario of Iron Skull Diver hand gourmet Scallops.   From the ocean floor to your front door!   

Order now at Farmshareto.com




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